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Case Management

If you need help managing a difficult health problem or chronic condition, such as diabetes, a case manager can help you.

Case Management

A case manager is a nurse or other health care professional who helps you get the medical care and other services you need to manage your condition.

A Case Manager can help you:

  • Get answers to your questions about your medical condition
  • Make appointments with all your doctors
  • Get rides to your medical appointments
  • Get medical supplies and equipment you need
  • Understand the medicines you take
  • Help you transition from one setting to another, such as from a hospital back to your home
  • Find community resources that offer services you need, such as "Meals on Wheels"
  • Work with your caregiver to make sure they have what they need for your care

There are many ways you can be referred to this program. You can be referred to this program through:

  • Your CareMore provider
  • Your personal doctor
  • Your specialist
  • Member Services

You can also self-referral to this program by calling Member Services.

To participate in the program you must meet certain requirements. This program is available at no cost to you.