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Love Your Heart

Spring into action for a healthier you!

Love Your Heart

Exercise is good for you and your family. When you feel tired, bored or out of shape, exercise! As CareMore Cal MediConnect Plan member, you have access to our Nifty after Fifty centers. These centers offer different exercise programs that can help you stay fit.

Why exercise?

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Exercise has many benefits:

  • Gives you better balance, which prevents falls
  • Keeps your muscles strong so you can take care of yourself
  • Stops your bones from getting thin and weak (osteoporosis)
  • Gives you more energy and makes you feel better
  • Makes your heart and lungs stronger
  • Helps you sleep better at night
  • Reduces stress
  • May prevent heart disease, diabetes, stroke and memory loss

Check with your doctor before you start an exercise program. Then follow these tips to help you get moving:

Four fitness tips to keep you in tip-top shape

  1. Keep using your muscles

    Muscles waste away if they're not used. When you exercise, try to mix cardio and exercises that build your muscles at the same time. A good example is heavy gardening (digging or shoveling). You can also visit your local Nifty after Fifty center. A fitness coach can help you create a workout plan that is right for you. Strength and fitness services and classes are available at many Nifty after Fifty locations near you.
  2. Try to exercise 30 minutes four or more days each week

    Exercise for 30 minutes four or more days each week. If you can't exercise for 30 minutes at once, exercise for 10 minutes three times each day.
  3. Make physical activity part of your everyday life

    Do things you enjoy. Go for a walk. Ride a bike. Dance. Do physical tasks around the house and in the yard. Climb stairs. Rake leaves.
  4. Stretch

    Stretching will not build your endurance or muscles, but it may help keep you agile. It will also help improve your range of motion. Do not stretch too far. Stretching shouldn't be painful. Remember to breathe during your stretch.

Below is an Exercise Tracker to help you get started. Check off activities you complete throughout the week.

Exercise Tracker

Exercise Tracker (PDF)

Registro de Ejercicio (PDF)

Safety tips

To make sure you are exercising safely:

  • Check with your doctor before you start any new exercise program, especially if you have a chronic condition.
  • Start slow. Build your level of effort slowly.
  • Warm up with a 5 to 10 minute walk before you start to exercise. After you exercise, cool down by stretching.
  • Wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable and right for the weather.
  • Do not hold your breath. Breathe in and out as you exercise.
  • Drink plenty of water before and after you exercise.
  • Exercise with a friend or family member when you can.

You are never too old or too out of shape to start exercising. Find time to add activity to your day.

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