CareMore Cal MediConnect

Healthy Start

New to CareMore? Schedule a Healthy Start appointment at a CareMore Care Center near you as soon as you enroll in Cal MediConnect.

Been with CareMore for a while? CareMore’s annual health reassessment is called Healthy Journey. These yearly visits are vital to keeping up to date with any current conditions you have and make sure you are getting the care you need.

healthy startThrough our Healthy Start program, you get:

  • A head-to-toe, complete medical exam from a specially trained doctor or nurse practitioner
  • Review of your medicines to be sure they’re working the right way for you
  • A care plan just for you that covers your health and personal needs, based on advice from your care team
  • Advice on follow-up care so you know what to do to get and stay healthy
  • Onsite lab results so you don’t have to wait for answers
  • Referrals to other CareMore programs and services that could help you live better

We make sure your primary care provider (PCP) is kept up-to-date on all this information, too.