CareMore Cal MediConnect

Getting Your Medicine

CareMore CalMediConnect Plan works with many pharmacies in Los Angeles County. And we cover a wide range of brand-name and generic drugs.

Pharmacy Benefits

Need a prescription filled?

Bring your CareMore Cal MediConnect Plan card and your prescription to a network pharmacy. You can also use a network mail-order pharmacy (Call 1-800-489-2197 for more information on mail-order options).

See what drugs we cover

Don't see your medication on the Drug List?

You may be able to keep taking the medicine you take now for awhile. Read about our transition plan here.

Notice of Formulary Change

From time to time, there may be a change in tiered costs and/or removal made in the formulary. CareMore will post a 60-day advance notice of any changes to our formulary below.

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File an appeal or grievance

Find out how to ask us to change coverage decisions (appeals) or send in complaints (grievances).

How we make decisions

Programs to help you