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Staying Safe in Your Home

Tips to keep your house free from falls

Have you done a safety check in your home recently? A few simple changes can make all the difference in keeping you and your loved one safe from dangerous falls. Take steps to "fall proof" your home, both inside and outdoors.

Here are some simple tips to keep your home safe:

Inside your house

  • Make sure to have good lighting throughout your home.
  • Keep lighting uniform in each room and add lighting to dark spaces.
  • Move furniture or other things that may block pathways.
  • Use night lights in the house to help you see at night.
  • Use switches that glow in the dark, so they can be seen more easily.

Outside your house

  • Repair holes and uneven joints on walkways.
  • Make sure outside lighting is working in entryways and other walk areas.
  • Check that handrails are not broken and are securely fastened. Both sides of steps should have handrails.

Falls can result in serious health injuries. That’s why fall prevention starts with creating a safe living space. Here are more tips to make each room in your house a safe one.

Staying Safe tool

Staying Safe in Your Home (PDF)

Mantengase Seguro en su Hogar (PDF)

Home Safety Tips video from the National Institute of Health.