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Transportation for Health Care Visits

We can get you to your appointments!


Getting a Ride to Your Doctor’s Appointment

If you need a ride to your appointments, we can help. As a CareMore member you have access to transportation services for your appointments at no charge. Don’t let transportation issues prevent you from getting the care you need. Call us as soon as you make an appointment.

How do I schedule a ride?

Follow these simple steps to schedule your ride:

Step 1: Call us!

To schedule a ride to and from your appointment call CareMore Transportation Services.

  • Call 1-888-325-1024 (TTY:711) - Monday through Friday from 7:00 - 6:00pm PST
  • Call at least 1 business day in advance to get a ride to your appointment.

Step 2: Schedule your Ride

You will need to answer a list of questions when you schedule your trip. This will help us to schedule the right transportation that meet your needs. Please make sure to let us know if:

  • Use a cane, wheelchair or scooter to help you get from one place to another
  • Have special needs that we need to keep in mind when arranging your transportation. Special needs can include a vision or hearing disability.
  • Need someone to come to your door or call you to let you know that your transportation has arrived
  • Need to be guided into the facility where you have your appointment
  • Have problems walking at a normal pace
  • Need help getting into and out of the car
  • Have a family member or caregiver that will be going with you to your visit. This person must be at least 17 years old to ride with you.
  • If you report that you do not need any assistance, please make sure to provide a phone number just in case we need to call you.

Step 3: Schedule your return trip back to your home

Once you are done with your appointment call CareMore Transportation Services.

  • Call 1-888-325-1024 (TTY:711) - Monday through Friday from 7:00 - 6:00pm PST.
  • Tell us you are done with your appointment. We will schedule your return trip as soon as you call.
  • As soon as you schedule your return trip, go outside and wait in the transportation pick up area. If you can’t find it, ask the office staff where you should wait for your ride.
  • Tell the office staff where you will be in case the driver can’t find you.

Printable Transportation Tip Sheet - English PDF / Spanish PDF

Types of rides available to you

Below is a list of terms used by the Transportation Representatives. Understanding these terms will help you know the type of ride that is scheduled for your trip.

Door-to-Door – This type of ride is scheduled when you report that you need additional help, such as getting in and out of a car. Door-to-door service allows the driver to get out of the car, knock on your door and provide any help you need with your transportation.

Curb-to-Curb – This type of ride is only scheduled for a member that reports that they do not need any help at all. You must wait for your ride outside of your home. The driver will only wait 5 minutes. Please provide a phone number where we can contact you in case the driver or dispatcher need to call you.

Hand-to-Hand – This type of ride is for a member who needs to be picked up at their front door and be escorted into the facility where they have their appointment. If you have special need or require complete assistance we can provide this type of service.

Helpful Tips:

  • Start keeping track of time as soon as your trip is activated. If you have been waiting for more than 20 minutes, call us or ask the office staff to call us to get an update on your trip.
  • If you provided a cell phone number when you scheduled your trip, make sure to have it turned on in case the driver or dispatcher calls you.
  • After 6:00pm or weekends you can call: 1-888-350-3447 (TTY:711). You can call this number to check on the status of your ride or for updates to your trip. You can also call this number for transportation assistance to an urgent appointment during weekends.